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Anti-aging Miracles - Amazing Feats Of Physical Strength And Endurance By The World’s 
Oldest People

USA Wellness Plan

© Copyright 2006-2010 Paul Harris

My research has revealed that two civilizations yielding possibly the best social systems and healthiest people the world has seen within the past 15,000 years – the Hunzas and ancient Peru under the rule of the Incas – left us a legacy that ANY nation’s people can embrace to good advantage.

Each nation boasted a healthy and contented populace that displayed certain mental, emotional and physical characteristics that set them apart from neighboring countries. These attributes enabled their citizenry to live full, useful, long, healthy and happy lives. Perhaps you’ll find some of these elements to be of some use in your life:

Anti-aging Secrets of Hunzaland and Ancient Peru


  • Most important of all, take care of your mental, emotional and spiritual life.
  • Be kind, charitable and helpful to others.
  • See yourself as being happy and you’ll BE happy.
  • Restrict or entirely eliminate consumption of alcoholic beverages.
  • Severely restrict or entirely eliminate the intake of any chemicals or other foreign, inorganic substances.
  • Learn to breathe properly.
  • Distance yourself from tobacco smoke - first or second hand.
  • Do something physical every day to ensure good blood and lymph circulation.
  • Re-establish a bond with nature by growing a garden or even a few plants.
  • Walk barefoot on dirt and grass or, lay on the earth for a few minutes, at least once daily – weather permitting.
  • Sleep in a room, or out of doors, where there is clean, fresh air.
  • Never take on more work or other projects than you know you can reasonably handle.
  • If a full night’s rest can’t refresh you, this is a sign you’re overworked, stressed, emotionally spent or not getting enough rest in general.
  • Eat a sensible combination of raw and cooked foods daily - more raw than cooked.
  • Never eat until completely full – eat until you’re no longer hungry.
  • Don’t drink more than one glass of fluid with any meal.
  • Have some form of raw or clabbered milk product daily if possible.
  • Be kind and thoughtful toward animals – domesticated and wild.
  • Take food supplements only when you suspect your organically grown foods are not supplying necessary nutrients.
  • Participate in civic activities that are important to your community
  • Be someone young people can turn to for advice and inspiration
  • Don’t be too fanatical or overly strict about this business of getting old - nobody will take you seriously
  • A long life lived may not be good enough but a good life lived is always long enough

This philosophy and way of life served the people of these two remarkable civilizations well, for centuries.

May your own anti-aging and long life philosophy work as well for you as the above formula did for the world’s oldest and healthiest people in Hunzaland and Peru.

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