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Foods for Health and Mental Development


by Lawrence Wilson, MD

© October 2013, The Center For Development

Etheric development, also called mental or spiritual development on this website, is specifically the development of the etheric body, one of the so-called subtle human bodies.  It is really just an energy field that exists around that physical body that has as its main function to nourish and maintain the physical body.

This is sometimes called the etheric body or etheric double.  It is not esoteric or odd, but just the way our bodies are set up.  It is basically like a blueprint that helps maintain the physical body.  If one can keep it healthy, then the physical body will be far healthier as well, and will last much longer.  How to promote this type of development with diet is the subject of this article.


The proper food and diet is often the second most vital element in this type of development.  (The first is rest and sleep). This may shock some who are versed in spiritual literature.  Some of the older spiritual teachings basically ignore or even deny the importance of food and nutrition.  They focus more on prayer, meditation, reading scripture, chanting, and so on.

For example, the traditional bible and even the Buddhist traditions do not spend much time discussing diet relative to other subjects.  However, we must understand the reasons for this.

The most important reason is that modern food processing had not been invented when the Hebrew and Christian bibles were written, and even less so when the Buddhist and Hindu texts were written.  Nor did the scripture writers concerned with patented drugs advertised everywhere, vaccines, junk foods, or thousands of toxic chemicals in the air and water supplies.  They were also not concerned with about two dozen heavy metals in the environment, electromagnetic radiation from computers and cell phones, ionizing radiation from A-bomb tests and other sources, and other sources of toxins everywhere, literally.

Nor were automobiles available that allow people to “drive-through” to buy their “fast food” and eat it “at the wheel” and “on the run” while driving the highways. These are among the reasons why food and diet need to be one’s second most important focus, second only to rest, if one is to develop the body and mind today.


A related problem is that public health authorities and the public is brainwashed to believe that the tap water is safe, the fluoridation is needed and vaccines build health.  This is simply incorrect, and one must beware of listening to the news, FDA bulletins, nutritionists and dietitians who are often supported by drug companies or allopathic medical interests in some manner.

Sadly, the bureaucrats and public health officials do not read enough of the modern nutritional literature, which is not found in their journals because the journals are supported by drug ads and those who pay for the ads do not want the truth to be known about their products and about our present-day food supply.

Parents, school teachers and other adults are little better.  Health food stores and supermarkets often just push processed foods as well.  They make more money on processed food than on real foods in some cases.  The result is a general population so ignorant that an illiterate peasant from the poorest nation on earth can know more about basic dietary principles than most college-educated Americans, for example.

As a direct result, children are ALL born ill today.  Then most are “well vaccinated” and “well drugged”, which tends to make them far worse by the time most reach adulthood.  All of these insults to the physical body severely impair etheric or mental development in almost every instance.

Fortunately, the tide is turning.  Organic foods, natural health markets and honest marketing of these foods is slowly waking up the population.  Exploding health care costs and horrendous new illnesses such as autism, ADHD and the explosion in diabetes, cancer and others equally awful are having their intended effects, to wake up a sleeping giant, as it were – the American people – to the truth about food and nutrition.


To promote development, the rules are fairly simple.  They are the basis for the diets used in nutritional balancing science.  However, they are different than what many dietetic and nutritional authorities teach.  Below is a summary, with extensive explanation of each rule later.  The basic rules are:

1. Eat mainly cooked vegetables, not raw vegetables. Exceptions are to avoid eating the nightshade vegetables and others that are really fruits.  These include cucumbers, okra and summer squashes.  All of these are really fruits, along with tomatoes, peppers and eggplant which are members of the nightshade family.  These are irritating and more yin.

Also avoid most mushrooms, which are yin and a bit toxic, and go easy on asparagus and artichokes, which may be a little toxic.

2. Eat lightly cooked meats, especially lamb, chicken, turkey, and wild game.  A little natural beef is okay as well.  Whole eggs are also an excellent food and should be cooked lightly. Avoid all pig products, and all processed meats like bologna as most contain many chemicals.

3. Eat only raw or organic dairy products. These are the best dairy products. Pasteurized, homogenized dairy products are not nearly as good, and most should be avoided.

4. Avoid most fish due to its high mercury level. Sardines, however, are excellent, along with some herring, or anchovies because they are small.  Avoid all the others, sadly, except maybe some other small fish once in a while.  Avoid all shellfish due to toxic metal contamination.

5. Eat some whole grains such as brown rice, oatmeal, millet, quinoa and others. Avoid all wheat and spelt, which are very hybridized and no longer healthful. Also avoid buckwheat, which is slightly toxic.

6. Stay away from most other foods. These include, sadly, all fruit, all fruit juices, most nuts and seeds, and all sugars and sweets, even honey, maple syrup, rice syrup, agave nectar and all the others.  A little stevia may be used for sweetening, but less is better.

7. Foods that are especially helpful include:

  • Healthful fresh meats and eggs daily (no vegetarian diets)
  • Organic blue and yellow corn (either chips or tortillas), but not white corn. Blue corn is best, as it is the least hybridized.
  • Sardines are excellent  (3-4 cans per week or one can every other day). Otherwise, avoid all fish and shellfish due mainly to mercury contamination.
  • Raw dairy products are excellent, but not pasteurized ones.  You may have up to about 6 ounces of raw milk daily and raw cheese and butter.  Only if you cannot find raw dairy, then have some organic dairy products.  Avoid the others that are pasteurized, homogenized and otherwise processed.  This means avoiding pizza and most milk and cheese.  Also, do not cook cheeses and milk.
  • Carrot juice, but only 10-12 ounces daily, or 1 or 2 ounces of wheat grass juice daily.
  • Kelp capsules or granules daily.  Have 3-6 capsules (about 660 mg each) of kelp daily in most cases.
  • Always use sea salt, not refined table salt.
  • Other.  Garlic, onions and ginger are excellent in the diet.  Most mild herbs and spices are okay.  Avoid very sharp spices, and avoid all chemicalized and refined flour and junk foods.

Below are more details about diet and mental development:



This means avoiding thousands of toxic chemicals, such as the sprays used on food crops, for example.  Organic agriculture is a wonderful improvement, although it does not always guarantee the best quality in every case.  I am grateful to the many scientists who discovered and promoted organic growing of food and healthful raising of livestock.

Also avoid preservatives, additives, colorings, flavorings, MSG, aspartame and the hundreds of other chemicals found in today’s food supply.


Our bodies today need cooked food and animal protein every day.  All the reasons for this are explained in other articles such as Vegetarianism and Raw Foods.

Eat food that is more yang. The food today that has the highest etheric energy is also the most yang.  This includes food that is cooked, animal quality food, and less fruit, sugars, all sweet foods, all refined foods, and all powders and broken up foods like juices.  For more on this topic, read Yin and Yang Healing.


Organically grown food is generally of better quality.  It generally contains much more of the vitamins, minerals and other vital substances our bodies need.  It is also almost always less contaminated with pesticides, herbicides, added hormones, toxic metals and other chemicals.


Certain foods and food categories promote development of the etheric body more than others.  These are mainly animal quality foods, whole grains and cooked vegetables.

Here are the categories of whole, organic, unprocessed foods that are best for etheric development in their basic order of importance.  Note that this order may shift at times, depending on a person’s health situation and stage of development.

1. Whole Grains, particularly blue and yellow corn and to some degree whole, brown rice or Basmati rice, quinoa and other whole grains, but not any wheat, spelt or buckwheat.

2. Eggs, particularly fresh and from free-ranging chickens.  Organic eggs are even better.

3. Whole dairy products such as milk, butter, cheese and yogurt.  Raw is best. Certified raw is excellent, but not needed if the farm and the animals are raised in a clean and healthful manner.

3. Meats, mainly lamb, chicken, turkey, and wild game.  A little beef, buffalo and other meats are okay, but not more than once weekly for most people.  However, strictlyavoid all pork, ham and other pig products as they may contain parasite cysts, even when well-cooked.

4. Cooked vegetables, particularly roots, stems and leaves (but not fruits that are eaten as vegetables such as peppers, summer squashes, red and white potatoes, eggplant, tomatoes, cucumbers and okra.)  Also, avoid the nightshade family of vegetables which are irritating.   These are white, red and other potatoes (but not sweet potatoes), all types of tomatoes, eggplant and all peppers.

5. Fish – but only sardines for the most part, due to the mercury content of all larger fish today, even salmon.  Most all fish and all shellfish are unfortunately contaminated everywhere, even wild-caught fish.  These should be a little better than farm-raised fish, but not necessarily, and I would avoid them.

6. Cooked legumes.  Lentils or other beans once or twice a week are fine.  Do not eat more of them, however, as they are low etheric energy foods.

7. Nuts and Seeds.  Some toasted almond butter and other nut butters are okay, although they are all somewhat yin and low etheric energy foods.  These are best eaten as nut butters for easier digestion, and almond butter and sesame butter should generally be roasted, as this makes it more yang.  Limit nuts and nut butters to very little per week.

Now let us discuss these in greater detail.



Whole grains have been eaten for millennia by all civilized nations.  Some people cannot eat much grains today as their bodies cannot handle the high carbohydrate content due to intestinal yeast or for other reasons.  These people should avoid them for the time being.  As their health improves with a nutritional balancing program, they usually find they can tolerate a small amount of whole grains, though not wheat.

Whole grains contain vital nutrients that stimulate brain development.  Among these are zinc and selenium, two vital nutrients in this day as well that are removed when grains are refined into white flour, corn starch, grits and many other refined products.

The best is organic blue corn products, including organic blue corn chips and blue corn tortillas.  White rice, incidentally, is not as bad as white flour, and white Basmati rice is not a bad product.  Most white rice is not worth eating, however, due to its lack of nutrients.  This, unfortunately, is what most of Asia feeds on today, except for India, which still eats a lot of Basmati rice.

Grains, if unprocessed, also possess a balancing property that is lauded in the macrobiotic literature, and for good reason.  It is one of the most valuable property of the grains for spiritual and nervous system development.

Avoid all wheat products at this time.  Wheat is very hybridized and not a healthful product for most people.  Also avoid refined and processed grains as much as possible.  Instead, eat only whole grain products, but not whole wheat products.



The egg is a most remarkable food.  It is not only incredibly nourishing, so much so that one could live on eggs alone, if needed, for a time.  It is also generally a healthful food that is clean inside due to being inside of the shell.  This is a great help traveling if you cannot find decent, clean restaurants.  It is sad that the medical profession tells its flocks to limit eggs in the diet, when this is one of the finest foods available on planet earth.

Buying Eggs. Here are a few cautions with eggs.  They must be fresh or are not healthful.  Avoid all processed egg products such as Egg Beaters, Scramblers and others.  These are most likely oxidized and not healthful.  They are also much more costly than fresh eggs and never worth the cost.

Cooking Eggs. Eggs must be cooked a little.  Most are not that bacteria-free.  I do not trust the methods to supposedly determine the freshness and quality of an egg by spinning it and seeing if it tilts correctly.

Cook your eggs two to four minutes, and no more.  The yolks should still be liquid and runny.  Overcooked eggs, such as hard boiled, become quite difficult to digest and many of the excellent nutrients are lost.  The egg yolks should be liquid if possible for the best nutrition.

Dairy. Raw certified dairy products are very good, provided one is not allergic to dairy.  Goat or even sheep or other animal dairy products are generally better than cow dairy products, but most raw cows milk products are good, too.

Dairy is the one category of food that should be eaten in as raw a state as possible due to the fine fatty acids it contains that are destroyed by pasteurization and homogenization. The calcium in milk is also damaged by heating the milk.

Pasteurized, homogenized dairy is much more allergenic and not nearly as good a food, though some is alright today, as the other can be difficult to obtain.  Read Dairy Products for more information about dairy products.


This group of foods are almost always essential today, no matter what any guru or authority tells you.  We are sorry to say that too many people have failed to achieve mental development for lack of animal protein alone.  Vegetarian diets are simply much lower in etheric energy.

Please be absolutely clear about all the reasons why vegetarian diets are not recommended in this age for the purpose of mental and spiritual development.  If you are not clear, read Yin Disease and Vegetarian Diets on this website.

The highest etheric value meats and other flesh foods are in the following order:

1. Lamb

2. Goat

3. Chicken, dark meat

4. Chicken, white meat

5. Natural Beef only.  Avoid most beef, however, due to hybridization of the cows today.  Eat it only on occasions and just a small amount in almost all cases.

6. Venison and other wild game.

7. Turkey, especially dark meat turkey, naturally raised.

8. Rabbit

9. Pork and ham.  These are never recommended.  They are never clean, no matter what you are told in a store or at even at a farm.  They usually harbor dangerous trichina parasites that cause misery in millions of people who are usually totally unaware of why they cannot think clearly.  The bible and the Koran are clear and correct on this point.


Vegetables should be organically grown where possible, and as fresh as possible.  An exception is that frozen peas and green beans are often the best way to eat these.  Always cook vegetables until soft.  Otherwise, you will not be able to absorb most of the minerals they contain.  Read Raw Foods for more on this topic. Among the vegetables, the best are:

1. Ginger root

2. Burdock root

3. Parsnip

4. Celery root

5. Turnip

6. Kelp

7. Rutabaga

8. Carrot

9. Beet Greens

10. Black Radish

11. Peas

12. Broccoli

13. Asparagus (somewhat toxic, however)

14. Other sea vegetables.  However, these are too high in mercury in most cases, so eat them very sparingly.

15. Cauliflower

16. Onion

17. Garlic

18. Cabbage

19. Kale

20. Swiss Chard

21. Brussels sprouts

22. Daikon radish.  This is a bit toxic, but okay once in a while.

23. Jicama

24. Sprouts – all

25. Water chestnut

26. Yam

27. Radish

28. Fava bean

29. String bean or Green bean

30. Summer squash *

31. Butternut squash *

32. Yam

33. Yellow squash *

34. Spinach

35. Zucchini *

36. Italian parsley

37. Cucumber *

38. Tomato *

39. Parsley

40. Potato *

41. Lettuce - all

42. Green pepper *

43. Red pepper *

44. Hot peppers – all *

45. Mustard greens

46. Collard greens

47. Chinese cabbage

48. Bok choy

49. Sweet potato

50. Celery

Cooked vegetables are the basis for the etheric diet. The above and other vegetables grown around the world will form the basis of the etheric diet, not the grains, meats, eggs or dairy, in most cases.  We know this is unlike the Macrobiotic arrangement of foods to some degree.  However, many people today do not do well on grains for a variety of reasons.


Problems With Grains. Intolerance to grains is very common today.  Some of it is due to the intense genetic modification of grains such as wheat, corn, rice and others.  This is the main reason we advise against eating all wheat products whatsoever.  This includes organic, whole wheat, and most spelt as well, since this is a close cousin to wheat.

A second reason for grain intolerance is intestinal yeast infection.  This is so common today due to high sugar consumption, copper imbalance, imbalanced pH, intestinal parasites and more that it is almost universal.

Also, grains are acid-forming, which is a large problem today.  Most of the bodies are quite acidic at the cellular level, no matter what the pH of the saliva, urine or even the blood.  Thus, until the person’s body has become more alkaline, a largely vegetable-based diet is best.

Afterwards, the grains are best, with a little meat and eggs.  This is the ideal diet for most people today.

Cook Most Vegetables. It is important that vegetables are cooked.  It actually increases their etheric energy content to some degree, although some will debate this.  More important, it makes them more yang in Chinese terminology, which means more contracted and masculine in their energies.  This is needed today to balance the sick bodies, which are very yin in Chinese terminology.

* Less Recommended Vegetables. Vegetables on the list above marked with an asterisk are either of the following.  Some are nightshade family vegetables. These include potatoes, tomatoes, eggplant and peppers.  These are not healthful for anyone and often cause a flaring of joint pain and other inflammatory symptoms due to toxins they contain.  Cooking them makes them slightly less harmful, but very little is recommended or best to have none at all.

The others marked with an asterisk are vegetables that are actually fruits, such as all squashes and cucumbers.  Any vegetables with seeds, including tomatoes, peppers and eggplant, are botanically speaking, fruits.

The only squash that is highly recommended is the acorn type of winter squash. Pumpkin is not too bad, either.  Vegetables that are really fruits tend to be too yin to be eaten on a daily basis.


Nuts and seeds are rich in many nutrients.  However, raw nuts and seeds are extremely yin and not recommended foods.  Toasted almond butter is an exception, as it is more yang due to roasting and the butter form is easier to digest and absorb.

Soaking Nuts And Seeds. Do not eat many seeds.  However, if you do eat them, seeds should be soaked if they are to be eaten.  This is not needed for nuts. Some, especially among the Weston Price followers, recommend soaking almost all grains, along with seeds and nuts.  This is not helpful, except for seeds that contain enzyme inhibitors that are destroyed by soaking.

The trouble with soaking is the food often becomes even more yin and often somewhat moldy due to the moisture.

Nuts and seeds. Do not eat many nuts.  Here are the major nuts and seeds, in their order of importance for this system of development:

1. Flaxseed or Linseed

2. Toasted Almond

3. Pine Nuts or Tree Nuts

4. Walnut

5. Hazelnut

6. Sesame seed

7. Chia seed

8. Pecan

9. Cashew nut

10. Brazil nut

11. Lichi nut

12. Sunflower seed

13. Pine nut

14. Macadamia nut

15. Pumpkin seed


Among the beverages, plain spring water is by far the best for most people. Later in the process of development, more teas can be used.  Calming teas such as chamomile, hibiscus and fruit teas such as strawberry leaf tea are okay.  All the mint teas are too high in aluminum to be used on a regular basis, however.  Some teas and many herbs are irradiated today, an abomination from a nutritional standpoint. Among the best beverages are the following, in their order of importance:

1. Spring water

2. Distilled water

3. Black tea

4. Goat milk

5. Various mild herb teas like chamomile

6. Green tea

7. Nut and seed milks

8. Grain coffee

9. Coffee

10. Alcoholic beverages – never recommended as alcohol damages brain tissues in all cases.

Adults should drink at least three quarts of water daily, or about three liters.  Children can drink proportionately less.  Most people do not drink enough water, and usually what they drink is of poor quality.

Drinking coffee or sodas is never a substitute for water.  Only mild teas can be used instead of water on a daily basis.  Other beverages often dehydrate one, rather than hydrate the bodies.  The following actually dehydrate the body:  anything with caffeine, anything with sugar in it, and all alcoholic beverages.

Water in Plastic Containers. Water should be as fresh and pure as possible. Water packaged in plastic jugs is fine, though of course glass would be somewhat better.  Warming the water a little will boil off many plastic residues that may be left in the water.

Drinking out of plastic bottles is far superior to tap water or reverse osmosis water.  Do not be misled by health authorities that tell one that tap water is safe. It is never safe.  Most has added chlorine, fluorides, toxic aluminum and hundreds of other chemical residues in it.  If you cannot afford spring water, which can often be delivered to your home, then use ONLY A CARBON FILTER with tap water to improve its taste and purity.  DO NOT USE 5 OR 10-STAGE FILTERS THAT CONTAIN KDF AND OTHER MEDIA.  THESE SEEM TO DAMAGE THE WATER A LOT AND MUST NOT BE USED OR YOU WILL NOT BE WELL HYDRATED.


Reverse Osmosis Water. This is also often sold as “drinking water”, “purified water” or even as mineral water by some dishonest vendors.  AVOID ALL REVERSE OSMOSIS WATER, AS IT DOES NOT HYDRATE THE BODY WELL ENOUGH FOR SOME REASON. It is significantly damaged by the plastic membrane it passes through.  As a result, we find it does not hydrate the body well enough.  Also, the membrane and “polishing filters” are often dirty, even if you just changed them a week before.

This is why we mainly prefer distilled for a few months and during healing reactions, or mainly quality spring water (not Trinity water, however, which is very high in fluorides.)

Other Types of Waters. These include deionized water, which is suspect because it is often combined with reverse osmosis water.

Carbon filtration is effective against some chemicals and metals.  It is not nearly as good as spring water, but much better than plain tap water if this is one’s best alternative.  It is, by far, the least costly if cost is the issue.

Water Machines. Alkaline water made by various machines is never recommended for a number of reasons.  It is much too yin, and most contains traces of platinum.

Also, it is based on tap water, which is not great.  Also, the filters can become clogged in a week and one would not know it.  Please avoid all alkaline water machines.


Meals should be peaceful, quiet, avoiding noisy televisions and other distractions.  Conversation should be pleasant, and there is nothing wrong with eating alone, as this is usually even more restful.  One can watch TV or listen to mild music if this helps one relax.

Also, meals should be as simple as possible.  One or two foods per meal is plenty for most people.  Avoid fancy six-course dinners and complex food combinations.

Food should be tastefully prepared, but not doused with spices, herbs, salt, sugars or too many other toppings.  Natural flavors of quality foods are delicious on their own.  You do not have to add spice to every meal.

Use a food steamer, a simple saucepan or even a crock pot or pressure cooker to cook your meals.  Do not use aluminum cookware unless it is coated.  Also, do not use iron very often, as most people have too much iron in their bodies already.

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