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Míceál Ledwith.

I've had a particularly large feedback from my article last month. about the serious consequences that come from not realizing that in the realm of manifestation in the "spiritual" order, the law of cause and effect works in reverse, or, in short, the effect has to come before the cause. It had never been expressed more powerfully than by Jesus in the heart of his teaching on prayer in Mark 11.34: When you pray for something believe it is already yours and it shall be so…"

A lot of disappointed hopes, shattered dreams and human tragedy, hover around the failure to realize this basic fact. It is even more tragic if it dawns on us that it could all have been avoided and that each of us could much more powerfully manifest into our lives the things and situations we would like to see there, if one only made the basic shift involved in this realization.

Many years ago in Ireland I knew a beautiful woman, happily married with a wonderful husband and young family. At the age of thirty three she developed breast cancer which tragically soon brought her life to an end and left behind a desolate husband and two children of tender years.

In any scheme of assessment this lady would certainly have qualified as a "spiritual" person of a very high order. She was absolutely conscientious in everything she did and took the greatest care to pass on to her children the highest ideals and ways of behavior that she knew. One would expect in such a person that because of what's often called their "closeness to God" that their prayers would be answered in a speedily and direct fashion.

The real key to understanding this tragedy came to me in a quiet few moments some weeks after her case had been pronounced hopeless. She said to me: "I can't believe how I ever got cancer, because my mother died of cancer when I was eight, and every morning and night since then I have asked God fervently to protect me from ever getting that horrible disease." Now here I am not alone having it, but in an inoperable conditions? What did I do wrong, or what was it that I did that was not pleasing to God?

It was really painful and difficult to try to sort out all tangled web of emotions, regrets, fears and disappointment that lurked behind those painful sentences. Faced with the grief of soon having to leave behind her two beautiful children and husband, she was not interested in the least in the standard platitudes of comfort we all utter in times like this when the shallowness of our own spritual understanding has left us with nothing helpful to say. Her grief at the awful separation that death brings was overshadowed by something even more tragic: the fear that she had lived her entire life in a way that was displeasing to God since an entire lifetime of prayer and a sterling life, was still not sufficient to secure an answer to her prayer. What she wanted to know was in what way she had lived a life displeasing to God, for it was only in those terms that she was able to grapple with it and set her soul at peace for her transition.

I said to her that I knew that she wanted to understand, not to be comforted, or, to put it more accurately, that she knew the only satisfactory comfort comes when we understand. As gently as I could I said, that unfortunately by following the practice she had there really was no way she could have avoided getting cancer for the thought of cancer was before her in fear every morning and night in her prayer for every day for over a quarter of a century, What we focus on in the quantum field makes no distinction between what we love or what we fear.

All great spiritual masters that ever walked this earth always insisted that the first priority when anyone decides to make a stand and own the stuff that is keeping them held back, is to get rid of fears, for fear is a far more powerful magnet in the quantum field than love is. It terrifies us and chills us to the core of our being. We find it enormously easy to become analogical with fear than with most other things. Whatever we are focused on manifests. Whether it is feared or loved is irrelevant.

The tragically early death of this beautiful wife and mother is a classic case of what can happen when we have never been really informed about the true nature of God, the form of true prayer and how what we profoundly accept manifest infallibly to us out of the quantum field. She saw her prayer to God over all those days and nights as not having been answered. The reason is she saw God as a being modeled on the sultan and potentates of the Ancient Near East, as so many of us did and still do. He could be cajoled into dispensing us from a fate that might otherwise endanger us, or "he" might not. There was no coming forth of the true teaching of Jesus on this matter. She did the best she could, as far as we can humbly judge, and what she focused on manifested perfectly. So there is a tragic sense in which her prayer was perfectly answered, but she did not realize the form of prayer she was expressing.

If we understand the nature of cause and effect are related in reverse into the quantum field, then we have to watch every thought like a hawk intent on its prey, until we have made the change habitual. I have to absolutely become what it is I want to manifest. If I am intent on manifesting something wonderful and beautiful, then I must absolutely become that completely and thoroughly, in a way that has nothing at all in common with the superficiality of positive thinking.

If I am terrified at the prospect of contracting a terrible disease from which I saw my own mother die, then assuredly that thing that I fear has taken possession of me to such a degree that I am in acute danger of manifesting it into my life. The effect is already in place and has preceded the cause. Moving away from the personal level it is equally true when we campaign against something -whether I am against war or for civil rights or the dignity of women or whatever. When we fight against something there is a grave danger that we have already become analogical with what it is we protest against, and when we fight in this way we almost always end up only further empowering what it is we oppose.

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