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James Tyberonn

Most people go to cathedrals to obtain holy water. The Andeans of Peru and Bolivia go to Lake Titicaca.

The stunningly beautiful site of this holy lake is simply breathtaking, literally, lying some two and one half miles above sea level, its elevation alone is capable of creating altered states. At 12,300 feet above sea level, Titicaca is the highest navigable lake on the planet, and the second largest lake in South America. Some say it is one of the most sacred places on the planet. I have been there eight times, and whole heartedly agree. The most powerful energy of Lake Titicaca is a transformational axial point on island of the Sun. It is called 'El Rocque'. Local mystics refer to it as the 12th Gate, believing that the twelth Sun Disc is near the Island, and holds the frequencial key to a sacred and powerful Wisdom Initiation.

Lake Titicaca is in fact the largest vortex portal in South America, and performs a unique role. The complex vortex of Lake Titicaca is, per Metatron, in unique synchronicity with the Sedona Vortex in Arizona, but spinning in the opposite direction. Sedona is counterclockwise, Titicaca is clockwise. This unparagoned counterbalance effect puts the two in an exceptional synergetic interchange, and holds a direct communication portalgate, that indigenous Elders from the Mayan and Hopi have referred to as the 'Gateway of the Condor & Eagle'. Local mystics refer to the epicentre of Titicaca (El Rocque on the sacred Island of the Sun), as the12th gate of Initiation.

Both areas are activation centers, both Sedona and Titicaca are part of ancient LeMuria. What is now Bolivia and Peru was in ancient times called the land of OG, and was a LeMurian (and later Atlantean) colony.

The importance of the Titicaca Vortex cannot be understated. Its pristine vitality has been recognized & honored by guardians for millennia on both sides of the veil. The indigenous Earthkeeper's and Lightworkers are being called to participate in the 'Activation' of Titicaca and its important alignment to Sedona. This is an aspect of the Hopi prophecy termed the 'Eagle and Condor'. In essence the alignment of Titicaca to Sedona allows the balance of Sedona to be restored.

Many state that Titicaca carries a feminine energy. Indeed it does, but it also carries the masculine. It is an exemplary marriage of both. In fact it is Titicaca's perfectly heterogeneous balance of male and female that attracts so many to the healing terraqueous energy colloid. The holy lake does receive and blend enormous inflows of the female energy so necessary for our planet to achieve balance, but it is the female/male balance that Gaia ultimately seeks to project, not a predominantly male or female field. However, the ongoing influx of female energy is required to achieve planetary neutrality with the male energy that has predominated since the sinking of Mu.

The primary telluric source of concentrate female energy (anionic charge) that feeds into the Lake is from a little known power site, several hundred miles south of Titicaca called Salar de Uyuni. Located in remote southern Bolivia, near the border of Chile. It is not a journey for the weak-spirited, it takes a 10 -hour bus trip, and then a 2-hour four-wheel drive SUV ride. But the end result is extreme serendipity, it is profound beyond measure. Salar de Uyuni is an amazing (protected) UNESCO site of the largest complex salt field on the planet. The salt flat is a pristine alabaster white, often surface crystallized into an exquisite hexagonally tiled mosaic.

Salar Uyuni glows. It is white beyond white, it is crystalline and seemingly exudes a light from within. The Uyuni salt flat is enormous, measuring approximately 70 miles by 25 miles, with the halite and kyolite salt reaching as deep as 200 feet. It is stunning to see, and even more stunning to experience. It is in this writer's opinion, the most potent location of mineralogical female energy on the planets surface. The salt flats refract sunlight such that the surface emanates incredible refraction mirages, and one cannot discern where the salt horizon ends and the skyscape begins. Two potent burnt orange stratcone volcanoes are aligned on opposite sides of Uyuni. The result is an intertwined energetic cocktail that atmospherically tri-helixes with the energy of Lake Titicaca.

The massive anionic plasma of the pure salt creates in essence a telluric battery that is incredibly cleansing. One's chakras are aligned and ones energy field is balanced and charged. Auric fields of the human body become crystallized into Mer-Ka-Na stars within this energy. I spent 3 remarkable days in an adobe hut, with indigenous resident hosts there in 2002. There is a hotel, no longer functional, in the center of Salar de Uyuni, built entirely of salt blocks, including beds, tables and chairs fashioned and carved from pure salt. A church built of salt lies on its edge. It is located in the center of a snow-white world, and is a focal Light Temple of plasma & crystal....salt crystal.

Salar de Uyuni is a dried salt sea, and is the underpinning 'wind beneath the wings' of the Titicaca vortex. It is one of the most powerful and pristine energy generators, on the planet.

As a result the waters of Titicaca are indeed holy, robustly sanctified with a plasmic colloid of cationic solar photons, anionic electrons, & a rich array of trace minerals....ah but there's more...the Solar Disc of MU !

Peruvian and Bolivian legends speak of a sacred LeMurian Golden Sun Disc, having been placed in Cusco , in the Temple of the Sun, just before the sinking of MU. It is said to have been placed in the waters of Lake Titicaca , just off of the Island of the Sun, ( in the etheric city of light said to exist below the clear waters of the translucent green lake) before the Spanish Conquistadors ravaged the Incan civilization.

The Andean's of Bolivia and Peru inherited a rich, spiritual culture. The Andeans are a humble yet proud people, very much in touch with the living energies of the planet. There are four very sacred animals in the indigenous spiritual tradition of the Andes. The Condor, the Llama, the Anaconda and the Puma or Jaguar. The Condor represents the upper world, the element of Air. The Llama the sustenance of the Earth, The Anaconda (snake) represents the underworld, the element of fire, Vulcan. The Puma represents the female energy of water, the Lake. In fact, the origin of the word 'Titicaca' is believedto have come from the ancient Ayamara & Quechua tongue, and is believed to mean " Stone Puma'...El Rocque.

The Lake and surrounding area is a massive vortex containing many many sacred energies. The two most potent points within the 'Sacred Puma' waters, are the 'Island of the Sun ' and the Island of the Moon. The etheric city beneath the waters is said to have been guarded by a society of warrior priests on the Island of the Sun. Andean legends claim that the first two-leggeds, the 'Adam & Eve' of the Incans, M'anko Qapak and Mama Oqllo, were 'materialized' on the Island of the Sun , from deep within the Living Earth, Pachamama, at a powerful point called ' El Rocque' , the 'Holy of Holies'. It is located at a high point on the Isla del Sol near the ruins of the Incan ruins of the guardian Priest monastery.

Titicaca lies between Andean ranges in a vast basin of about 22,400 square miles in area that comprises most of the Altiplano of the northern Bolivian Andes. In the snow-covered Cordillera Real on the northeastern shore of the lake, some of the highest peaks in the Bolivian Andes rise to heights of more than 24,000 feet .

The Island of the SUN

Isla del Sol is Titicaca's largest and most important island. A religious shrine for local tribes as long ago as A.D. 350, it was transformed by the Incas into a major pilgrimage destination in the 15th century. Perhaps coinciding with the placement of the Solar Disc. In fact, 'the Rock Sanctuary' on the island has been recognized as a major stargate since the time of Mu, in the ancient land of OG. A mystery school of Lemurian priest has been here since the beginning. The Incans carried that tradition forward and the remains of their Incan monastery are but a hundred meters from the hallowed Puma Rock. The 'Creation Zero-Point' where the Incan Folklore says the Sun emerged and manifested the first humans.

The island sloped up to a prominent steep back peak , with jutting granite and sandstone domes forming the head and shoulders of the islands sphinx shape. It was easy to see where the energy was most potently centered. I asked my Luis, if it looked like a sphinx to the locals. He didn't quite understand what a sphinx was, so I explained like a lion, he smiled and said " Leon no, Puma, si ! ! Puma, of course, claro que si ! With the terraced farms it looked like a puma with corn rows!

My guide was a full blooded Bolivian Aramayan. I told him I wanted to go to the holiest place, El Roque, and offer blessings, and do a prayer ceremony in the Lakota modality. That seemed to please him, and he enthusiastically agreed to take me and participate in the ceremony. I gathered my 'chenupa' bundle and we began our trek to El Roque, perhaps the most powerful point of the Titicaca portal complex.

Luis explained to me that El Roque was also called ' El Sanctuario' and Stone Puma. " We believe it is a place of great power, he added, " and we come here when we want receive strength and guidance. It is the most sacred place of the Inca."

I felt invigorated, and imagined the sense of reverence from the thousands of Incan & Pre Columbian pilgrims who had made this pilgrimage over past centuries. Perhaps their religious fervor had been imprinted here in the fiber of the energetic matrix. I wondered how many modern day tourists truly understood the massive energy that this place magnetically pulsed.

We hiked upward along a steep stone paved trail, past terraces of maize and fields of grazing sheep. Along the way, Luis told me the history of the Incan site, and the traditions of the Incan pilgrimages. Woman in bolo hats herded gaunt looking cattle into stonewalled pens, while children dressed in brightly colored clothes laughed innocently. They darted and ran freely ,peering at us from behind boulders, their round brown eyes a mix of bashfulness and curiosity. Soon we were on a high ridge, away from the village, above the coastal loam. After climbing five hundred feet, the terrain expeditiously transformed from lush pasture into an arid laterite, impervious with cactus and flowering sage. Flocks of small black birds with a yellow striped wings would occasionally thrush upward frantically from one sage bush to another making a succinct whirring sound as their wings fluttered busily. Apart from the birds, we had the trail to ourselves.

Path of the Golden Light

Luis told me that he was an apprentice of the 'Camino de Luz d'Oro'(Path of the Golden Light). To my delight, he added that 'most' of the local residents, followed the ancient wisdom teachings of the Indigenous traditions, and took part in annual ceremonial pilgrimages to the island.

Incan pilgrimages to El Rocque, were highly ritualized, and passed through 3 initiation tests, or gates, before being allowed to the Puma Stone, El Sanctuario. Few Incan pilgrims made it through the third gate on their first pilgrimage. In essence it was a journey of succession, of learning the disciplines & mysteries, and evolving into the status of an Elder. I was very pleased to know that these traditions were continuing.

In ancient days, per Luis's teaching, there were numerous rituals and ceremonies at El Rocque.. Each ceremony was designated for special dates, such as the equinox, solstices and moon phases. The most important pilgrimage was the camino ( path) of the 'Shaman-Warrior', which he referred to as the 'Golden Light'. I wondered if that specific term had was coined in connection to the legend of the 'Golden Solar Disc'.

The pilgrimage to the Island of the Sun began on the south of the island, and the pilgrims walked along the high spine ridge on a stone path that is still intact. Each pilgrim passed through three sacred gateways, after first purifying themselves in the 'Fountain of the Inca' an amazing spring that gushes pure water from a deep spring along the south ridge of Isla del Sol. To this day locals go there to drink the healing waters and for purification rites.

Elder Shamanic Priests presided at the three gateways, and determined the merit of each pilgrim, either blessing their passage or disallowing them from further advancement. To be granted access thru the three doorways was a great honor, one that was earned. One imagines that this trek was akin to the Islamic Hodge (holy pilgrimage to Mecca) as an enormously important Holy rite that defines ones life.

The first 'Holy Gate' was called Pumapunku, meaning "the arch of the Sacred Puma" because an etheric Puma guarded it. The Puma was said to have emerged from the Waters as a Stone being, and represented strength and nurturing.

The second, Kentipunku, "the arch of the humming bird", was covered with the iridescent green-blue feathers of that bird. Hummingbirds were felt to be emissaries of the higher worlds, and able to exist in other dimensions. They represented purity and the ability to 'fly' in other realms.

The final gateway, Pillcopunku, "the door of Joyous Pure Hope ", was covered with the larger green feathers of the pillco bird and blessed with incense with wing feathers of the mighty Condor. This was the final blessing and archway. The passing through this arch required that the pilgrim had met his death, and recognized his immortality as a being of light. Only those souls who had achieved impeccability could enter to El Roque as a pure Warriors of Light. These were the elite, the symbology apparent. Among these some, the most pure, the most dedicated were endowed with the12th level of Initiation.

I considered my own worthiness, as I huffed up the path to El Rocque. The rarified air became even thinner as we passed 13,000 feet in route to the holy shrine.. As the holy rock came in view, something inmme shifted. Somehow the elevation brought with it an altered state that both allowed me to engineer my heretofore over-toiled physical movements with surprising ease and simultaneously opened my third eye in a most unique and profound manner. I began to weep as I walked, and my path became a movement of prayer. Luis had given me sacred coca leaves to offer as blessings at specific points along the walk. I mixed these with small prayer ties of tobacco, as was the Lakota way. I acknowledged the 'Spirit of Place' and the powerful spiritual energy that abounded. I respectfully asked permission to proceed.

Although we had climbed only a thousand feet or so above the lake, it felt much higher.

The elevation was nearing 13,500 feet, and the sheer exertion required in the rarified air created little starburst that appeared in my field of vision. These star-bursts were perhaps physical reaction due to fatigue and the lack of oxygen, but none the less gave me the sensation of being far more than corporeal. It was as if I had entered another dimension, and part of me knew that indeed I had. The perspective down to the water's edge seemed greater than its measured distance, and gave the illusion that I was walking on top of the world. The sun had risen to the mid-point and the lakes surface look like a blue green mirror and at some points it glowed an incandescent white. Was it the Sun Disc?

Looking down at the vast panorama of the lake and its surrounding peaks, was a study of blue, every possible hue & nuance of blue seemed to dance from the lake, patchworked into the massive surface below. The areas near the shoreline were a beautiful Caribbean turquoise that evolved into larimar, lapis and even a fiery amethyst. Even the snow capping the enormous spine of the Andes had an indigo violet tint.

As we began to approach the Sacred Rock , I could not help but recognize certain elements of how perfect the energetic blend of this point was. Each feature of the landscape now started to be dramatized with great pulsing intensity. 'El Rocque' was a jutting section of natural rock, that seemed to be sliced into a half dome, like an enormous ball sliced in half. It was situated atop the island, perfect centered, with a view of three sides of the Lake below. The open face of the Holy Rock had a wall built in front of it that served as an alter, and was laden with offerings; feathers, fruit, coca leaves, small ribbons and crosses. About 50 meters in front of the Holy Rock was an enormous stone table , looking like an Irish dolman, set on three smaller stones. It was circled, by 12 chiseled stone monoliths, about 2 ½ feet in height and about eighteen inches in diameter; and again circled by a larger diameter circle. These were more recent additions, placed there within the last decade, but served the energy well. The placement was correct, and looked like a smaller version of the inner circle of Avebury. One circle flowing with clockwise energy, the other counterclockwise.

Luis and I approached El Rocque in reverence, stopping at three points to offer coca leaves. We then went forward to the rock and knelt individually in prayer. After an appropriate time we moved to the alter, and walked the stone circle, counterclockwise, then clockwise on the inner circle, before kneeling at the table alter. I unrolled by bundle and we prepared a pipe prayer ceremony in the Lakota way. Luis, offered coca leaves to each direction, and to each element in the local Incan tradition. After our prayers, we each found a stone within the circle and went into meditative silence. I sat for well over an hour, and then walked to the nearby Incan Monastery ruins. I gazed over the turquoise waters in awe.

Center of the Earth

Incan folklore andAramayan legends speak of an ancient forgotten time in which Pachamama decided to cover herself in water in order to purify her body. The entire body of the Mother Earth was covered with devastating tsunamis and floods. All of the known regions of Earth were covered in darkness, and icy winds blew for countless ages. Most of mankind was erased from the land of OG.

In time Pachamama felt clean, & allowed the purifying waters to recede. The remaining waters of purification remained cupped in a high sacred part of the Earth.... and formed a Holy Lake. From here, creator god, Viracocha arose from the depths of the sanctified waters of Lake Titicaca. Journeying to the islands of Sol, Luna and Amantani, Viracocha commanded the sun (Inti), the moon (Mama-Kilya) and the stars to rise. Next going to the island of Tiahuanaco, he fashioned new men and women out of stones and, sending them to the four quarters, began the repopulation of the world. Titicaca became, and has remains to this day the sacred purification cradle of man, and the gateway of the Gods.

As I began my descent I felt drained and pure. Reborn. I imagined a great condor arising from the purity of the great salt desert, circling the island and in a graceful seep, drinking from the Holy Lake, and then heading north.


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