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Don‘t think that saying "I am God"

 is proclaiming one‘s greatness.   

It is actually total humility.   

Some one who says,

  "I am the servant of God"

 infers two – God and himself –

whereas someone who says,     

"I am God", negates himself.

He relinquishes his own existence.   

"I am God" means 

"I don‘t exist. 

Everything is God.   

Only God exists. I am nothing. 

 I am utter emptiness".  

This is complete humility 

not arrogance,      

but people often misunderstand.  

  When someone says he is God‘s servant, 

he still sees himself as a doer, 

 albeit in God‘s service. 

He is not yet drowned  

 in the Ocean of God.  

 When he is, there will be no such thing  

as 'his actions',    

 only movements  

of water.   


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