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by Lawrence Wilson, MD

© January 2010, The Center For Development


Nutritional balancing is a sophisticated, integrated method for healing the body at the deepest possible level.  It uses older principles of yin and yang, traditional naturopathy, and the use of foods and nutrients to increase the vitality level of the body.  It also employs modern theories such as the stress theory of disease, metabolic typing, cybernetics, holography, fractal mathematics, chaos theory, biological transmutation of the elements, and other physics and engineering concepts.  These are combined with up-to-date Western medical physiology and biochemistry.

It rarely involves the use of remedies.  In this way, it differs from most modern naturopathy, homeopathy, conventional medicine, and nutritional therapies.  Remedies are simply not needed in most cases if one balances the body properly.

Diet and lifestyle-based. The core of the system depends upon a proper diet and lifestyle.  About eight rather simple nutritional supplements to supply basic nutrients.  Choosing the supplements and dosing them is done using a special method of interpreting a hair tissue mineral analysis.  The hair must not be washed at the laboratory and it must be interpreted according to stress theory and cybernetic methods, not others.

Detoxification procedures. Nutritional balancing also includes a recommendation to use a near infrared light sauna, but not others, on a daily basis, along with daily coffee enemas.  These are extra detoxification methods that are not always necessary, but are extremely helpful and even essential for some clients.


Nutritional balancing science was developed by Dr. Paul C. Eck, during the late 1970s and early 1980s.  Dr. Eck was a mineral researcher who spent his entire adult life developing the ideas and practical application of this science.  He drew upon the work of many doctors and scientists of the twentieth century, and beyond, to synthesize a new system of healing specifically for the needs of the 21st century.  I was blessed to have spent 14 years as his apprentice and assistant.

Dr. Paul Eck passed on in 1996.  I have continued and expanded his work, doing my best to hold fast to his principles. Others have also continued his work, but most have modified his principles and I have found their work much less effective.

Today (2011), Dr. Eck’s children maintain Analytical Research Laboratories and Endomet Laboratories, which Dr. Eck founded.  However, the lab has not updated the computerized recommendations enough to suit me, so I cannot recommend their computerized dietary and supplement programs, although they are still better than almost all holistic and medical approaches to healing that I have encountered in 30 years of practice.  This website, www.drlwilson.com, offers many of the newer insights that I believe Dr. Eck would be thrilled to learn about as well.

The rest of this article will focus on some of the basic ideas of this very effective, very safe and very cost-effective system of healing.  However, a more individualized approach is best by sending in a sample of hair and following a complete program.


These are the major modalities used in nutritional balancing science.  The reason is that the human body is basically a machine that requires certain fuel, and certain types of components for its proper operation. Without them, every conceivable symptom occurs.  If they are all supplied correctly, healing naturally occurs in many cases.

I find that If one just follows the fast oxidizer diet or slow oxidizer diet, whichever they require, much healing will occur.  One must also drink three quarts or three liters daily of preferably spring water or carbon-only filtered tap water. However, do not drink with meals, but drink an hour after meals and up until about one-half hour before meals.

Adding the rest of the program, including about 8 carefully chosen supplements and the detoxification procedures, greatly enhances the healing.  Here are more details.

Lifestyle. The basics are simple.  Avoid all toxic exposures as much as possible.  This is a tall order, but not that difficult if one pays attention that which one eats, drinks, touches, breathes and wears.  Also, certain occupations are hazardous, even sitting in front of computers all day.  Sit back as far as possible from computers, use a remote keyboard and mouse with laptops, and get up and stretch and go out of doors into the sun, if possible, every hour, at least if you must use a computer all day.  Also, use cell phones as little as possible and wear a headset, preferably one using air to connect to the phone instead of a wire, or use a speakerphone instead of holding the phone to your head for extended periods of time.

Go to bed by 8 to 9 PM each night and to get at least 9 or 10 hours of complete rest each night.  One may need a nap as well for a while to permit deeper healing.

Healthful eating habits are also mandatory.  Mealtime should be a time of peace and quiet, with relaxed, sit-down meals, chewing each morsel at least 20 times or more.  Sit for at least five minutes after eating, and preferably for 20-30 minutes after each meal to allow digestion to proceed easily.  Avoid eating when upset or tense, eating on the run, eating standing up, snacking, eating in the car while driving, and eating in noisy, crowded restaurants, bars and other places that are not peaceful and quiet.

A healthful lifestyle also means that one’s “mental diet” must be wholesome, simple and uplifting or inspiring.  This means the books, movies and television shows one watches, the people one is with, the websites one visits, and all other input into the mind should be wholesome and pure.

Exercise should be gentle in all cases, since energy needs to be conserved for healing.  Some doctors do not agree with this perspective, but I am confident that eventually they will realize that most people today are too tired and ill for vigorous exercise of any kind.

Lifestyle also means paying close attention to hygiene, cleanliness, posture, sexual restraint, and maintaining emotional control and a generally positive outlook.  Holding grudges and resentments, engaging in too much of anything, and not upholding the dignity and beauty of the human body in any way is not helpful.  Therefore, avoid all alcohol, all drugs, even over-the-counter medications such as Tylenol or Excedrin and the look-alikes.  Also steer clear of all vaccines, including flu shots that are largely ineffective and one might say they are a joke.  Avoid x-rays as much as possible, including at airports, and avoid all medical procedures, dental procedures and other toxic interventions unless really needed.

Air travel must be restricted at this time, as it is unhealthful in the extreme.  Car, train and bus travel are also stressful, but less than air travel.  A trip or two per year is fine, but the jet-set lifestyle is not healthful at all.

The Basic Diet. Food should be as fresh as possible and organically grown, if possible.  Cook all food except raw dairy products, which are excellent foods and best eaten in the raw state.  Humans do not seem to be capable of extracting enough minerals from raw salads or raw fruits, so I would avoid them.  They are also often unclean and laden with bacteria, viruses and parasites.  They are also too yin in Chinese medical terminology.

Also, do not eat most boxed, canned, frozen or otherwise prepared foods.  However, some frozen peas, frozen green beans or perhaps other freshly frozen vegetables are not bad.  Organic blue tortilla chips are also an excellent food, containing a much needed form of selenium and other nutrients.

Most refined foods should be completely avoided.  Also avoid all wheat, all pig products such as pork, ham, bacon and lard, most or all pasteurized and homogenized cows milk dairy products, and all ‘junk’ and chemical-laden foods.  Also, reduce beef, even if it is naturally raised, as it seems to be too hybridized today.  Lamb, on the other hand, is an excellent meat once or twice weekly.

Cooked vegetables. Meals should be a simple matter based around several cooked, but not overcooked vegetables. Seventy to eighty percent of the diet by volume should be cooked vegetables, eaten several times daily, preferably.

Most vegetables are excellent, with the exception of the nightshade family of vegetables (tomatoes, potatoes, eggplant and all peppers).  These are generally more yin, somewhat irritating and less healthful, though they are okay once in a while.  Root vegetables are particularly good, except red beets, which contain a toxin.  Golden beets are better.  The root vegetables are more yang and very nutritious.  Preferably eat one kind of root vegetable at least every day.  Have cooked vegetables with at least two meals every day.

Meats. While vegetables may be eaten by themselves, you may add some animal quality protein such two eggs cooked soft (with the yolks runny) or some chicken, turkey, lamb or occasional beef.  Try to avoid all spicy, fancy, complex meals that use many ingredients and condiments or that are deep fried, over-cooked, raw or that contain odd mixtures of foods.  Simple is much easier for digestion.

Fish. This used to be a prime food source.  Today all of it is toxic with mercury.  Eat only small fish such as sardines, smelt, anchovies, sole and maybe one or two others.  Eat small fish only, and no more than about twice weekly.  The cold water fish, particularly sardines, are excellent sources of omega-3 fatty acids and are excellent for this reason alone.  Sardines, although canned, also are a more complete food since one eats the skin, bones and spinal cord as well.  I suggest everyone eat 3 or 4 cans of sardines every week.

Dairy. If you can, eat only raw dairy products.  These are an excellent source of calcium, omega-3 fatty acids in some cases, and other nutrients.  Pasteurized, homogenized dairy is not a good food.  Avoid all “processed cheese”, “cheese food”, chocolate milk, and other junk dairy products.  Do not cook cheeses, milk, cream and other dairy products.

Fruit. Although many doctors recommend it, I find that fruit is not a good food to eat today.  It tends to be extremely yin in Chinese medical terminology, has much less etheric energy, has too much sugar, and its mineral content is unbalanced, in my experience.  So it is best minimized.  An occasional apple or berries are okay, but not needed.  Also avoid all avocado and coconut products such as coconut oil and coconut water, as these are extremely yin tropical fruits.  It does not matter what other benefits these foods may offer.

Nuts, seeds and beans. Though nutritious, avoid eating a lot of nuts, seeds and beans.  These are all too yin, and low inetheric energy.  Nuts and seeds are difficult to digest, as well.  Some toasted almond butter is excellent, however, along with a little of other nut and seed butters if you wish, though they are not needed.

Dried beans such as lentils, pintos, kidney beans and many others are okay once or twice a week. They are low inetheric energy and not quite as good as animal proteins such as meats, eggs and raw dairy foods.

Other. Avoid all extreme diets such as vegetarian, raw foods, “fit for life” and others.  Also avoid all pig products such as pork, ham and bacon, as they can all harbor dangerous parasite eggs, even if well-cooked.  The exception, so far, is pancreatinfrom porcine sources.  Also avoid all wheat products, as wheat has been hybridized and genetically altered so much that it is no longer wholesome in any form at all, even organically grown whole wheat.  Pasta is a little better.  Most bread and pastries are horrible concoctions and best avoided as well.  If you want pasta, eat pasta made from rice, corn or quinoa.  Occasional wheat pasta is not too bad, either.

Sweets and sugars. Avoid all sugars in any form and all sweeteners, if possible.  The best sweeteners are probably steviaand xylitol unless one reacts badly to these.  For children, do not give them sweets as rewards, as this sets up an improper reward system that will trouble them their entire life.

Also, avoid juicing except for 10-12 ounces daily of carrot juice and perhaps one or two ounces of wheat grass juice as an alternative.  More juices are too yin and tend to upset the stomach.

Also avoid all fruit smoothies, protein powders and drinks, which are not good food combinations and often upset digestion.

Drinking water. The best drinking water for most people is spring water.  The second best is usually carbon-only filtered tap water.  However, avoid all fancy water filters, especially reverse osmosis and other types.  Avoid all other water and beverages except mild teas, perhaps.  This means no alkaline waters, no “drinking water” or “purified water”, no reverse osmosis water, or others.  It also means no fruit juices, punch, wine, beer or other beverages.  This is very important for proper hydration.  One cup of coffee is okay for most people, but not more, and coffee is not highly recommended as it is somewhat toxic and irritating to the digestive tract.

Do not drink much liquid with meals, but rather drink an hour after meals and up until about 15-30 minutes before each meal.  Avoid drinking a lot in the evening, as it can interfere with your sleep.

Every adult needs at least 3 quarts or 3 liters of drinking water daily, while children need somewhat less.  A good habit is to drink at least 32 ounces of water upon arising. This will start your day properly.


These are quite essential for everyone today.  The concept that the food supplies all of one’s needs is insane and should be abandoned.  It was never true, which is why people used herbs, for example, throughout history.  It is even less true today. Any doctor who suggests this idea is not current in his research on the nutritional content of modern meats, vegetables, fruits, grains and other foods.  If you eat any refined foods at all, you are getting even less nutrition.  The world’s environment is also very toxic today, and supplementary nutrients protect us from hundreds of toxic chemicals and toxic metals.

Basic supplements for almost everyone. Almost everyone today needs to supplement with extra minerals in the form of:

1. Kelp capsules, preferably, between 3 and 6 daily.

2. 10-12 ounces of carrot juice, with a few spinach or chard leaves added, if you wish.

3. 3- 4 cans of sardines weekly or about 1000 mg of fish oil for omega-3 fatty acids and 5000 iu daily of vitamin D3. Cod liver oil and supplements of omega 3,6,9 oils do not supply enough of the omega-3 fatty acids.

4. Chelated calcium, about 750 mg and chelated magnesium about 450 mg.  Also chelated zinc, about 20 mg daily.

5. A digestive aid, preferably made of ox bile and pancreatin.  The others are not as good.

6. Possibly dried vegetables, in capsule form.  Green powders and superfoods are not as good as they can be rancid and lose their potency easily.

Nutritional balancing and specific supplementation. Other supplements may be enormously helpful.  These can only be recommended only when a person has had a properly performed and correctly interpreted hair mineral analysis.  This allows us to assess the body’s stress response, toxicity, deficiencies and more to decide which supplements and how much of each is required at a particular time.

Herbs and herbal medicines. Avoid most herbs, sadly.  Too many are either not very potent, or toxic.  Toxic metals are a huge problem with herbs, today, and I am not sure why.  Most people who take a lot of herbs have become toxic as a result, although they will provide symptomatic relief in some cases.  The worst are Chinese and East Indian or Ayurvedic herbs, unfortunately, even those of excellent quality.


Sauna therapy. An optional, and very highly recommended part of any nutritional balancing program is the daily or twice daily use of a near infrared sauna for about 20-55 minutes.  The near infrared sauna has many advantages, and many traditional and far infrared saunas can be converted to near infrared types easily if they are big enough.  See the article Sauna Conversion for details.

Coffee enemas. Another highly recommended procedure is one or even two daily coffee enemas.  The procedure is found on this website at Coffee Enemas.  These are extremely helpful for most adults for at least a year or more to remove all types of toxins from the liver, in particular.  They also help to tone and rebuild a damaged colon as well.

Mental/emotional training. Another highly recommended procedure is the daily use of the Roy Masters meditation exercise.  Read about this wonderful method at The Observation-Meditation Exercise.

At times, other natural therapies such as chiropractic, body work and others may be suggested, as well.  These were not part of Dr. Eck’s original work, but add a great deal to his brilliant work.

The entire program. This is the entire program.  Adding other modalities of healing usually will interfere, at times negating the nutritional balancing benefits.  Particularly avoid vigorous exercise of any kind, random vitamins, minerals, herbs and other supplements, many homeopathic remedies, bio-identical hormone therapy, chelation therapy, and even yoga.  All the reasons why I have had to restrict these therapies are explained in other articles on this website.

Results. Dramatic results can begin in just a few days, though correction may take weeks or even months in some cases.  This is because the goal is to reverse the stress response and the amount of time required will vary from person to person quite a lot.

Retracing. Some people will go through flare-ups of old symptoms on this program.  These are called retracings, a concept that is well known in chiropractic, but not in allopathic medical science.  It only occurs with deep healing programs, of which nutritional balancing is one.

Mental Development. Symptom removal and eradication of diseases of all kinds are wonderful, but one can go beyond this level of healing.  It is also possible to increase one’s mental functioning, at times significantly, using the same nutritional balancing program.

For more information on Nutritional Balancing Science, visit: www.drlwilson.com

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