Healing techniques applied in Shamanic practice:


Clearing and Illuminating the Energy Centres - the Chakras

To be in a healthy state is to be in a state of balance.  On an energetic level, our Chakras are our energy centres.  Through them we receive and release energy. With time and under stressful circumstances and events, heavy energies deposit in these centres and they become out of balance.-

In every healing session, the Chakras are cleansed of this heavy energy, illuminated and thus brought into balance. When they are in balance, we are in balance.


Extracting Crystallized and Fluid Energies -Spirit Release

We might not always be aware of how the emotions and thoughts of others may be affecting us. Sometimes, if they are negative and constant, they may imprint themselves in our body as a crystallized energy, as a result of which we may experience pain.

Alternatively, energy patterns (fluid energies) can enter our energy field and affect our behaviour, moods, thoughts and actions, as in, for example, when we are under stress or the influence of drugs or alcohol, or when in deep grief or emotion. These energies may take up residence in our body in a parasitic way, being heard or felt only when we act or feel in ways which we know are not our own.  With Shamanic healing, these energies can be extracted and released in a manner that is safe for the client and the energy itself.


Soul Retrieval - Retrieving Lost Fragments of the Soul

When our system is out of balance, for example, when we experience a particularly emotional or traumatic event, charged with fear or grief, a part of our soul may flee. The aspect that flees will depend on the emotion experienced. Disturbed sleep, nervousness, a sense of deep longing, loss of appetite, and feelings of being persecuted are some of the symptoms which follow soul loss. If these symptoms become chronic, they can lead to depression.

In a healing session the soul part is retrieved in safety, thus allowing the client to experience a greater sense of wholeness, health and presence in the world.


Cutting Ties and Ancestral Cords - Cutting Ties that Bind


Shamans believe we are connected as in a web, and that we have strings, cords of light, to everything. In family and personal relationships, we may act in ways which leave us drained and frustrated. As if bound and tied by some invisible force that propels us into outdated modes of behaviour, we may feel unable to respond in the way that we would wish.

At the same time, we may fear that should we decide to withdraw from these familiar and/or familial bonds, we would lose our connection and empathy.  In fact, what we would lose is only the intense hold these cords have on us. By cutting these strings from our web, or the cords of light from our bodies, we are free to engage in our relationships in a fresh, creative and empowered manner.


Releasing Generational Curses - Deliverance from Bondage

Generational curses, and their presence throughout history, are, and have been, a very old concept. Our ancestors lived in times when curses were common.  Unreleased curses can be passed on through the family line, with each generation acting out elements of something of which it has no awareness.  Curses bring bondage and reduce the quality of a person's life.

With Shamanic healing, curses can be revealed in a safe environment, enriching the person with their inherent meaning and releasing him or her from their bondage. The individual can then live their life free from these inherited influences.



Resolving Unfinished Issues- Conflict Resolution

As we experience life we sometimes find issues, and emotions attached to them, to which, in spite of our best efforts, we have not brought appropriate closure. The emotions related to these unresolved issues, for example, guilt, anger, sadness, hurt, etc., affect our daily life and can even be detrimental to our overall well-being. They can also hinder our development by affecting our ability to make decisions that could enhance our life.  At the heart of these issues lies a conflict, deep within us, which we seem unable to resolve.  And yet, it is only through finding peace within ourselves and with whatever the issue is, and possibly the persons involved, that we can fully and freely move on in our life.

These issues can be examined and gently released and brought to closure with Shamanic healing.



Egg Cleansing

A simple, yet very powerful method of facilitating healing in the luminous energy field and the physical body is the process of Egg Cleansing.  Mesoamerican shamans as well as those from other parts of the world have used this ancient method to help clear and heal individuals.

In this method of cleansing, the shaman runs a raw egg, still in its shell, over an individual's body.  As the egg passes along the body, it absorbs energetic toxins from the person's energy field, leaving them feeling physically lighter, happier and more balanced.



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